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Better Podcasting Live Chat #021 – Initial Thoughts on Sennheiser IE40 Pro IEMs

This is a (mostly) un-edited posting of our live podcasting Q&A chat that happens every other week. Topics this week include: - Sony MDR-7506 New Earcups - New Yellowtec Microphone - iPhone 12 Pro Max Podcast Transfer Problem - Possible solution to SP's audio issues - New Pinecast dashboard - Our thoughts on Pinecast - Apple...

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Better Podcasting #238 – Software vs Hardware vs Online Recorders

This week we talk about a variety of different ways to record your podcast including Software, Hardware, Mobile and Online Recorders. We'll discuss some of the benefits to each, some of the cons, and how you might determine which is best for your circumstances. In this week's Better Podcasting Download...

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Recent Videos

Sennheiser IE40 Pro In-Ear Monitors

This is a simple unboxing (not a demonstration) of the Sennheiser IE40 Pro In-Ear Monitors.

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Zoom H8 Unboxing – What Would You Like To Know About It For Podcasting?

This is a simple unboxing (not a demonstration) of the Zoom H8.

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Recent Articles

Zoom L-12 Update: USB Master Mix Input Now Possible

There’s a long standing problem with the Zoom L-12 that I identified when I first reviewed the Zoom L-12 (and was frustrated it still existed as an issue a year later when I did a follow-up video): The functionality of the USB input from the Zoom L-12 in to...

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When Creating Extra Video Content For Your Podcast Goes Into Overtime

Nearly every podcaster wants to help grow their show’s reach. As we discussed on Better Podcasting episode #217 a good way to help advance that goal is to create additional supplemental content. But as a hobby podcaster you are busy. You go to school full time or have a...

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