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Better Podcasting Live Chat #019 – Family Friendly Podcast Awards

This is a (mostly) un-edited posting of our live podcasting Q&A chat that happens every other week. Topics this week include: - The Family Friendly Podcast Awards - Podcast uses for old iPhones - Requests for the Zoom ZDM1 review - Problems with Windows changing default inputs - Expensive domain names - Stephen's stream deck...

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Better Podcasting #236 – Continuing Education

This week we talk about different ways to continue your education in relation to your podcasting endeavors - while sticking to a hobby podcaster budget. We'll talk about a variety of ways that you can help yourself continue to grow as a podcaster, while still having fun. In this week's...

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Recent Videos

Replacement Podcast Studio Monitor Speakers: JBL 305P MKII

SP describes why he purchased a new pair of JBL 305P MKII studio monitor speakers, describes the differences between the JBL LSR305 and the JBL 305P MKII, and discussed some of his initial thoughts after using the new speaker for a couple of weeks.  

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Zoom L-8 Unboxing

This is a simple unboxing (not a demonstration) of the Zoom LiveTrak L-8.

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Recent Articles

When Creating Extra Video Content For Your Podcast Goes Into Overtime

Nearly every podcaster wants to help grow their show’s reach. As we discussed on Better Podcasting episode #217 a good way to help advance that goal is to create additional supplemental content. But as a hobby podcaster you are busy. You go to school full time or have a...

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How Chrome’s upcoming “insecure downloads” block may affect your podcast…

This week Google announced an update plan which could affect your podcast. On Thursday, February 6, 2020, Joe DeBlasio (Chrome security team) made a post to the Google Security Blog which outlines scheduled security changes to the Chrome browser between Chrome 81 (March 2020) and Chrome 86 (October 2020)...

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