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Better Podcasting Live Chat #047 – We’ve Got VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome)

This is a (mostly) un-edited posting of our live podcasting Q&A and podcast discussion that streams on Wednesdays. Topics this week include: We're simul-streaming a Vertical Video to Facebook (OBS Vertical plugin) Our initial thoughts on YouTube Podcasts Apple Podcasts channels Vegas Pro Humble Bundle Would Stephen Recommend Vegas in 2023 for a Hobby...

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Recent Videos

Zoom PodTrak P8 Unboxing (with physical comparison to the Zoom LiveTrak L-8)

This is a simple unboxing video for the Zoom PodTrak P8; this is not a review. I’ll also do a very quick PHYSICAL comparison to the Zoom LiveTrak L-8. 00:00 – Box overview 00:43 – Power adapter and paperwork 02:20 – Main unit overview 03:40 – P8 vs L8...

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Elgato Wave Arm LP Unboxing Video

As a video guy, when I first saw the Elgato Wave Arm LP, I knew it was something that I had to give a spin-- so I did what any impulse-purchase-podcaster would do - I bought it as soon as it showed as back in stock. I'll be giving...

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Recent Articles

Audience Misconceptions About Your Hobby Podcast

Stephen and I have been podcasting for over twenty years combined now and we have been creating dedicated content to help hobby podcasters for the past 6 years. In that time we’ve picked up on a few perceptions and misconceptions hobby podcasting audiences have about the podcasts they listen...

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Guest Author: Audio Drama Scripting: Series vs. Anthology

Audio Drama: It all starts with a single idea. A “lightbulb moment,” so to speak. Once the concept is realized, as with any organized podcast, an audio drama requires structure. This comes in the form of a script. Coming up with the concept is the easy part. Pen to...

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