Better Podcasting – Episode 016 – Video Podcasting: The Better Podcasting Method

Better Podcasting – Episode 016 – Video Podcasting: The Better Podcasting Method

Welcome to Better Podcasting! We talk about podcast tips, tools and best practices to help you succeed with your podcast! Just like you we podcast purely out of the love and the fun of it. Podcasting is our hobby and we love that it is yours too! We always encourage your questions and feedback and you can find all of our contact information at

Stephen and SP take this episode to run down how they are able to put together high level video productions on the hobby podcasts of Better Podcasting and GonnaGeek using multi sessions of Skype, overlays and the XSplit program. They break down the hardware required, some of the software options available, how they arrived at their solution that they are currently using, what are some of the ways to manage some of the pitfalls (i.e. digital drift and syncing both audio and video), and how to stitch it all together to get a great produced product while keeping it at a level that hopefully everyone can follow.

This week’s Better podcasting Download runs down the drop in NPR radio under 55 years old statistics and what it might mean for podcasting. SP also runs down why podcasting is better to listen to for him versus the radio.

In this week’s PodBack SP and Stephen run down some lengthy YouTube feedback from Brain Hurley on options for webhosting for your website, and some specifications to watch out for as you are choosing your webhosting company. Stephen recommends checking out WebHostingTalk while you are on your way to decide where you want to place your webhost, and SP strongly recommends grabbing your podcast domain and at least point it somewhere as you start your podcast journey.

Please remember that we’re running our give away contest of a new Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB microphone. Listen for ways to enter.

SP also announces on Better Podcasting that six network podcasters will converge on C2E2 (The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) on March 18th, 2016 in the Workshop Room at 2:45 PM to present a panel on Everyday Podcasting For Your Everyday Life. Come meet us there to discuss some great tips on hobby podcasting and introduce yourselves to us. We’d love to meet you!

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Stephen and SP thank you for listening, downloading and subscribing to Better Podcasting. We hope you come back for more Better Podcasting!

This podcast was recorded on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

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