Better Podcasting #136 – Acceptable Podcast Audio Standards in 2018

We kick off this week’s episode asking how someone can save their podcast if their WordPress installation was hacked.

In this week’s featured topic, we discuss ways to make your audio “listenable” in 2018 audio standards.In this week’s Better Podcasting Download we talk about how Google Podcasts dropped their app, and what Stephen’s experience was with it so far.

Finally, we take listener feedback, including reviewing the results of the Better Podcasting Poll we posted about whether or not podcast consumers could go to a streaming-only model.

Not familiar with Better Podcasting? We’re a podcast that provides podcasting advice focused toward hobby podcasters. We focus on the ways that you can help make your podcast better while also keeping you informed about the latest podcast news and updates.

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 – usually streamed Live to http://www.Geeks.Live

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Main Topic: Podcast Innovations
Better Podcasting Download: Google Podcasts App Released
Other Topics:

Links Discussed

SP’s Microphone: Electro-Voice RE320
Stephen’s Microphone
: Electro-Voice RE320

Video Version:



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