Better Podcasting #177 – Making Your Podcast Stand Out In A Crowded Niche

There are a lot of podcasts in the world, and that means that your podcast may have a lot of competition. So, in a situation like this, how do you stand out in the crowd? In this episode we’ll talk about a bunch of best practices to make your show unique, and some things to avoid as well. However, before we get there, we have to say farewell to co-host of Stargate Pioneer.

In this week’s Better Podcasting Download, we discuss Apple redesign the Apple Podcasts websites.

Finally, we take listener feedback – including some chatter in our Discord server about some plugin deals.

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, April 17, 2019  – Streamed Live to Geeks.Live. Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of GonnaGeek Productions, proudly Canadian.

Main Topic: Interview with Dan Hughley from Focusrite
Better Podcasting Download: Google deindexing websites

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