Over the past few weeks you may have heard of something called NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month), this week we explain what it is, discuss some pros/cons to it, and give some general best practices if you want to participate.

In this week’s Better Podcasting Download we discuss the annual Apple holiday schedule and YouTube needing to know about whether or not your target audience involves children.

Finally, we take listener thoughts on NaPodPoMo.

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 – Streamed Live to Geeks.Live.  Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of GonnaGeek Productions, proudly Canadian.

Main Topic: NaPodPoMo

  • What is National Podcast Post Month
  • Benefits to participating
  • Challenges of participating
  • Ways to best participate

Better Podcasting Download: Apple Podcasts holiday schedule. YouTube audience setting.

Links Discussed

Video Version:

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