Zoom L-12 Update: USB Master Mix Input Now Possible

There’s a long standing problem with the Zoom L-12 that I identified when I first reviewed the Zoom L-12 (and was frustrated it still existed as an issue a year later when I did a follow-up video): The functionality of the USB input from the Zoom L-12 in to a computer.

If you didn’t know, this Zoom L-12 has both USB input/output capabilities. There is the possibility of doing 2 x stereo channels from a computer in to the Zoom L-12, but there is also the possibility to capture all 14 channels in to a computer. The reason there are 14 channels on the input is because channels 1-12 correspond with the channel numbers you see on the Zoom L-12; however, there is also channel 13/14 which is an additional stereo pair of the Master Mix (left/right) of the Zoom L-12. This Master Mix input is an important aspect, especially for people like streamers who are needing to capture/stream a mix of their entire board. For example, when I’m streaming Better Podcasting I need to stream the mix of everything going in to my Mixer out to Twitch. The PROBLEM, however, is that because the Master Mix was on channel 13/14, when software that didn’t support more than 2-channels (such as Xsplit, OBS, etc) would only pick-up channel 1 and 2 — and treat that as the input. This meant that without additional work-arounds, it wasn’t possible to use the USB-input to capture the Master Mix from the Zoom L-12 in to stereo-based software. The work around that I ended up using was to take the output from the XLR Master Out and pass it to a Behringer UMC202 input.

However, it appears this problem is now solved.

This week I had commenter Tom Wilson post on my One-Year Follow-up video the following:

23:00 the driver software now lets you change the order of the inputs, to make the stereo mix inputs 1/2 on USB. Mic 1 then becomes input 3, and so on. I don’t know if this was a change to the firmware, since I’ve only had my unit for a couple of weeks, but that’s definitely how it works on Windows systems now.

Upon investigation, I discovered that Zoom rolled out an update to the driver a couple months ago (September 2020) to allow users to select the Master Mix as the channels 1/2 on the input. When selected, this means that two-channel based software (stereo) now sees the Master Mix as channels 1/2 – a solve to the issue outlined above. Whilst I have yet to try it in Xsplit/OBS, I did do a quick test within Audacity to confirm the results.

Here’s a screenshot of the Zoom L-12 Software Update history log (yes, this is the entire log):

As you can see, the log references a supplementary manual, which expands a bit further on this functionality.

In order to get this new functionality, begin by updating your driver (this is available on the Zoom L-12 support page). Once you’ve installed the latest driver, open up the Zoom L-12 configuration utility. For me, I had to manually locate it under “C:\Program Files\ZOOM\L-12 Driver\”.

From there, open the Channel tab and select the second option that shows Master under channel 1/2:

Close the utility and you’re all set.


As mentioned, I’ve only had a chance to give this a quick test in Audacity, so don’t have any practical application experience yet. Although I’m glad to see that this has finally been implemented, I’m disappointed that it took so long for the change to happen. This is an issue that I identified early on in the life of the Zoom L-12 (and reported to Zoom), as well Zoom made a change to the functionality when they launched the Zoom L-8 to address this exact issue. As you can see from the update log, there hasn’t been an update to the driver since the initial launch – which is disappointing in itself. But, I guess we can get some comfort that the issue is now fixed for existing Zoom L-12 users and those who may be buying the L-12 from this point forward.

I’ll report back when I’ve given this a practical test.

15 comments on “Zoom L-12 Update: USB Master Mix Input Now Possible

  1. Dave Roland says:

    Great information, thanks! Spent the better part of a day trying to figure all this out for an OBS capture. My fix was to sacrifice ch1&2, and route the Master LR back into Channels 1&2. This requires full-time mute and zero gain & compression on 1&2. So glad to hear of the updated internal routing feature. Will get my 1&2 Hi-z back😀!!!

    1. StephenJondrew says:

      Glad this could help you. I almost when with the sacrifice method as well, but then went with a separate capture device (UMC202HD). I’m happy to be going to the USB input on this, and getting a few extra cables off my desk.

    2. Joe Geoffrey says:

      This was a game changer for us! Totally stumped until we found your post here. Thank you so much for your generosity of Knowledge!

  2. Hakon says:

    Brilliant. I actually came across the information that the Livetraks, apart from L-8, all output the master at the end and not the beginning of the channel list, which could have been a problem for me, but I saw no mention of the firmware update until now.

    I guess that puts the L-12 back on the table as an option, though I may yet go for the L-8. I’ve not decided yet.

  3. Emman Wou says:

    How about MacOS?
    Any similar configuration utility?

    1. Ashtom says:

      After installing the drivers for your Livetrack mixer on your Mac, go to System Preferences and click on “Zoom-L12 Driver” (the name depends on your model).
      From there, you can switch to the mode where the master channels are assigned to channels 1 and 2.

  4. Eden Casteel says:

    I have tried using this solution , and appreciate you sharing it. But, my inputs past channels 1-2 are still way too soft when I monitor on a livestream. The only way I can get the Zoom L12 to work with livestreaming is send the Zoom channels into my Scarlett Focusrite as an additional A/I. It is extremely frustrating to have to do this with a piece of equipment that purports to “do it all.” I really bought the L12 for livestreaming, and it doesn’t work for livestreaming more than two channels. Does anyone have any other kind of multichannel mixer to recommend for livestreaming?

  5. SUGENG says:

    I have a problem mixer livetrak zoom l12, where when it is turned on there is only a white screen display without any writing. however it can update the firmware to completion and when it is faded it is still the same

  6. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    My Zoom L12 is showing a problem that the volume fader of channel 8 is not working, but we can control the same by the slider of channel 7. How is this happening? Could someone please help me in this regard?

  7. How does this work on a Mac?

  8. Andrew says:

    Can you check and see if there’s a way to do this with the iPhone camera connector? I’d like to plug the L-12 directly into my phone with the camera connector USB, and then send all the audio from the mixer into Instagram or TikTok. Right now it doesn’t work because it’s sending over channels 13/14… and this looks like it changes the driver on the computer which would not solve the problem I’m talking about. Know what I mean?

    1. Ryan says:

      You have to sacrifice channels 1&2 by plugging the main outs into the inputs on channels 1&2. As far as I know this hasn’t been addressed. Zoom would have to make a firmware update that gives us a matrix to map inputs to usb outputs. The Presonus Studiolive series III includes this functionality and it’s the main reason I’m considering spending almost double the price on the Studiolive 24R over the Zoom L-20R.

      1. thereelpeet says:


  9. Lauge says:

    God tier post! Thank you for the help!!!

  10. Jim Wellbrock says:

    Thanks so much for this! Scratching my head trying to understand this, also have an L-8 and this was never an issue. Found your site on a search and it worked exactly as shown! Thank you again!

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