This is a (mostly) un-edited posting of our live podcasting Q&A and podcast discussion that streams on Wednesdays. Topics this week include:

  • Follow-up to SP’s SM7B vs RE320 comparison
  • SP’s How I Saved My Podcast story
  • New FTC Guidelines affect podcasters
  • A recent bug we encountered with Restream/YouTube
  • Stephen wants to revisit Xsplit
  • SP did more studio changes/repairs
  • SP learned a Bluetooth lesson
  • Stephen’s frustrated with the podcast space

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, August 2, 2023 – Streamed Live to Geeks.Live.

Links as Discussed

  • Better Podcasting Episode 26
  • FTC Guidelines – Links:



00:00 – Intro/Opening
01:30 – SM7B Follow-up
15:20 – How I Saved My Podcast Story
17:15 – New FTC Guidelines
27:45 – A Restream/YouTube bug
31:30 – Stephen might backtrack, again
34:50 – SP Lied
36:40 – Antistatic Bag ASMR
37:57 – SP’s Bluetooth endeavors
42:55 – Stephen’s frustrations
48:10 – A question for Waffles
49:50 – Ending/outro

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