Better Podcasting #289 – Stephen’s Secret Audio Test / Media Host Segment: Simplecast Review

In the Better Podnering this week topics include:

  • A lawsuit about a podcast title
  • Spotify removes another show, unable to re-instate subscribers
  • Stephen did a secret test: VDO Ninja pro audio setting
  • Update on SP’s Rodecaster Pro II RMA
  • SP’s temporary setup this week: PodTrak P4

For this week’s media host segment, we give our review of Simplecast.

Finally, in this week’s Better Podback topics include:

  • Audience feedback about our guest last week, Chris Ferrell
  • A listener question to SP about the Rodecaster Pro II RMA
  • Is the DLZ Creator / DLZ Creator XS a polywav device?
  • CORRECTION: Apple Podcasts transcriptions
  • Working around the download limitations of your media host

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, March 13, 2024.  We usually stream live to on Wednesdays. Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of GonnaGeek Productions, proudly Canadian.

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00:00 – Intro/opening
01:50 – Thanks to Chris Ferrell
03:30 – A podcast title lawsuit
09:12 – Spotify removes another podcast, affecting subscribers
15:55 – Stephen’s secret test: Pro quality remote-audio recording?
19:08 – The Rodecaster Pro II RMA update: The process has started
22:35 – The Rodecaster Pro II RMA update: SP’s temporary setup
28:00 – Simplecast Review: Introduction
29:55 – Simplecast Review: Highlights
45:21 – Simplecast Review: Neutrals
54:15 – Simplecast Review: Shortcomings
1:00:50 – Simplecast Review: Summary / Why Simplecast is off our list
1:03:07 – Better Podback: The audience loved Chris Ferrell
1:05:10 – Better Podback: A listener’s RCP II RMA question
1:10:40 – Better Podback: Does anyone know if the DLZ Creator / XS is polywav?
1:12:27 – Better Podback: CORRECTION: Apple Podcast transcriptions
1:13:07 – Better Podback: Working around limitations to download your MP3s
1:18:40 – Ending/outro

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