Better Podcasting #294 – Wait, Stephen Bought What Now?! / Media Host Segment: Substack

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In the Better Podnering this week topics include:

  • StreamYard acquired
  • Pinecast outage
  • New Shure USB microphone
  • Stephen’s making a big podcast change

Finally, in this week’s Better Podback topics include:

  • Podcatchers
  • DaVinci Resolve transcriptions
  • We’ll be away next week

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.  We usually stream live to on Wednesdays. Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of GonnaGeek Productions, proudly Canadian.

Better Podnerings: 

Media Host Segment:

  • None this week

Better Podback:

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00:00 – Opening/intro
03:33 – StreamYard acquired
09:10 – Pinecast outage
14:20 – New Shure USB microphone
20:40 – Stephen bought a Mac
31:18 – Substack Review: Introduction
35:30 – Substack Review: Highlights
41:30 – Substack Review: Neutrals
47:20 – Substack Review: Shortcomings
1:01:25 – Better Podback: What podcatcher do you use?
1:03:50 – Better Podback: DaVinci Resolve transcription changes
1:06:50 – We’ll be away next week
1:08:30 – Ending/outro

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