XM1800 vs ATR-2100 and Others

In this quick shootout (inspired by a recent Reddit conversation) Stargate Pioneer compares 4 sub $100 USD hand-held dynamic cardioid microphones. Behringer XM1800s vs Audio Technica ATR2100 vs AKG D5 vs Blue Encore 100.

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Knox Podcast Microphone Review (Knox KN-UM01 vs ATR2100 vs AT2005 Comparison)

In this Knox KN-UM01 Podcast Microphone Review, I’ll give you my thoughts about the Knox XLR/USB Dynamic Microphone, as well as give some audio samples comparing it to both the Audio-Technica ATR2100 and the Audio-Technica AT2005 microphones. I’ll also share with you the response from Knox about it’s similar look.

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Podcasting Microphone Shoot-Out – $100-ish (or less) Edition – Blind Test

Watch this blind test microphone shoot-out of the following microphones (this is not the order of the microphones): Behringer XM1800S vs Shure SM58 vs Audio-Technica AT2005 vs Audio-Technica ATR2100 vs Blue Encore 100 vs Sennheiser E835. In this test the microphones all go directly into a Zoom H6 for recording.

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