Podcasting Studio Monitoring Headphones Recommendations

Studio Monitoring Headphones For Podcasters

Studio Monitoring Headphones For Podcasters


Headphones can be useful while recording or editing a podcast and the right headphones can be invaluable. No matter if you are guesting on your first podcast or if you are a seasoned podcasting veteran, audio separation between the microphone and the rest of the sounds from your podcast such as co-hosts, incoming Skype calls, Blab discussions, fellow Google Hangouts on Air presenters or a soundboard are key to a clean listenable finished podcast. Monitoring your recording live also prevents many issues later including potential distorted recordings.  And of course if you are editing in even a slightly noisy environment the right headphones can make a difference between total aggravation and getting the podcast produced as accurately as possible in a timely and frustration free fashion.

Aside from assembling the right engaging, entertaining, educational and informative content to prime your latest exciting podcast episode with, clean listenable raw audio recording files are key to a published podcast that can rival the best experienced broadcasters. One of the simplest ways to start producing those raw audio recordings are to separate the incoming sound from the recording microphone. If you wear headphones and silence any monitors or speakers that are a part of your recording system the chances are greatly reduced of incoming sound leaking back into the microphone resulting in unwanted feedback into the recording. While the type of microphone used and microphone positioning can also help isolate your voice recording, wearing headphones almost eliminates incoming audio feedback entirely for most recording situations. So for that reason alone I always advise wearing headphones while podcasting.



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  1. Randy Walker says:

    I had ATH-M30x for a while but somehow lost them (the whole kit—headphones, ¼” adapter, and storage bag) so I’ve replaced them with ATH-M40x and I love them so far.

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