Better Podcasting – Episode 042 – Keep The Fun Alive: Our Stories

During this show, Chris Ferrell joins us to wrap up the fun…. arc. We break the format this week to have a more round-table style discussion on some of the creative ways we’ve had fun over the years as not only podcast creators but also as podcast consumers.

During the Better Podcasting download we update you on the latest developments in the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Webcam Drive Issue saga. We also discuss the announcement by Google of Hangouts on Air moving to YouTube Live and why you have no reason to be concerned.

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This podcast was recorded on Friday, August 19, 2016 – Streamed Live to www.Geeks.Live. Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of

Time Codes:

4:00 – Contest discussion and update
6:20 – Chris Ferrell gives his take on the AT2005
8:40 – Chris Ferrell gives podcast history and introduction
12:00 – SP shares his stand favorite memory of “fun as a podcast consumer”
14:15 – Stephen shares his stand favorite memory of “fun as a podcast consumer”
15:45 – Chris shares his stand favorite memory of “fun as a podcast consumer”
17:30 – Stephen discusses his 2010 memory of creating “Skype Parties” for his listeners, which was kind of like Google Hangouts before they existed.
19:45 – SP shares his experience going to a “Podcast Meetup” and how it affected him as a future podcaster.
21:45 – Chris discusses his experience of keeping the fun alive for his audience by utilizing a variety of guest hosts and how one of them created a game for the listenership.
25:15 – Stephen shares an example on how the Show crew keep the fun alive through a “podcast episode appearance” spreadsheet
26:00 – Chris and Stephen discusses a shared example of “breaking the format” to have fun, which actually yielded the foundation for the GonnaGeek Network as it is today.
29:40 – SP discusses a RECENT fun memory of his which lead to some cross-pollination (hint: C2E2).
34:00 – Stephen talks about a memory from 2008, where on his first podcast they had a local radio personality guest appear (and how it changed Stephen’s podcasting direction)
36:30 – SP chats about his experience having members of a TV show guest on his podcast
38:40 – Chris shares his experience expanding the All Things Good and Nerdy franchise in to a spin off show.
42:00 – Stephen discusses the way he had fun with Better Podcasting through a Q&A Blab this past year
44:00 – Chris talks about how evolving his podcast keeps him having fun as a podcast producer
47:00 – Better Podcasting Download 1 – Update on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Webcam Codec/Driver Issue Bug
50:45 – Stephen provides his theory on why some users have encountered this webcam issue while others have not.
55:40 – Hangouts on Air is moving to YouTube Live.

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