Better Podcasting – Episode 044 – We’ve Been Hacked

We kick off the show this week discussing the details of being a victim of a security hack/compromise and the resulting annoyance that followed suit. If you run a website or self-host, we’ve got some advice on how you can keep yourself safe and prepared.

There’s a jam-packed Better Podcasting Download(s) section where we discuss PowerPress’s recent article about podcasting downloads vs streams and how you can make sure to best capture your audience. Other topics include how Texas A&M is partnering with DMR/Interactive to launch a podcast and how similarly has determined whether or not celebrities have a leg up in the world of podcasting. For our final download, we give you an update on the podcast documentary titled The Messengers.

This week we’re pleased to present our first fan-submitted “How I saved My Podcast” story discussing how one listener went to the extreme of ADR to help correct and interview. Finally, in our Better Podback we discuss how a cable change solved one listeners problem (and how TRS/TS are not the same as Balanced/Unbalanced).

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Happy Podcasting!

This podcast was recorded on Sunday, September 4, 2016 – Streamed Live to www.Geeks.Live. Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of

Time Codes:

2:18 – Audio Technica AT2005 Contest Give Away Details
5:30 – Stephen discusses the loveliness of getting hacked when you run a website
7:00 – SP shares how we were advised and why it’s important to have proper contact information
17:00 – We discuss adapting your schedule to accomodate obstacles
18:05 – Better Podcasting Download(s) Segment Begins
18:55 – SP shares PowerPress’s article about podcast “downloads” vs “streams”
24:10 – We discuss the Texas A&M and DMR/Interactive Podcast launch
22:20 – Stephen chats about an article featuring a poll about celebrity podcasts
30:30 – We chat about Squarespace’s movement in the podcast world.
32:40 – Here’s the scoop on a podcast documentary called The Messengers.
35:08 – The debut of our first fan submitted “How I Saved My Podcast”
40:15 – Stephen discusses why he likes the iRig
41:25 – Better Podback about gear prbolem resulting from a cord issue
44:40 – Stephen tells you why TRS/TS is not the same as Balanced/Unbalanced

Video Version:

Audio Version:

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