Better Podcasting #254 – Starting a Hobby Podcast Network

This week we break down some of our learnings from running the GonnaGeek Network and provide some recommendations that we have for hobby podcasters that are thinking about starting a hobby podcast network.

In this week’s Better Podcasting Download, we discuss some recent news that came out about the latest Audacity terms of service, and what we think that means for hobby podcasters, and how you might want to keep your eyes out for changes in the future.

Finally, we take listener feedback, including a follow up to the previous episode of Better Podcasting, and a listener question about Headliner.

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This podcast was recorded on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 – Streamed Live to Geeks.Live.  Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of GonnaGeek Productions, proudly Canadian.

Main Topic: Starting a hobby podcast network

  • What you should consider before starting a hobby podcast
  • Finding the main goal of the podcast network
  • How you can leverage help when starting a podcast network
  • Challenges that can come up running a network
  • How running a network is a lot easier in 2021 than it used to be
  • Extra expenses and time commitments when running a podcast network

Better Podcasting Download:

  • Audacity terms of service changes

Links Discussed

Video Version:

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