S1E7 – TransMissions Podcast Producer And Network Webmaster Jeremy Dennis – BPCWSP007

Episode Notes

SP chats with with TransMissions Transformers Fan Podcast Producer, former America’s Next Top Podcast Contestant, and Network Webmaster Jeremy Dennis about turning a community into a podcast, his $38 Electro Voice re320, the benefits of podcasting with an Ultrawide monitor, the steps he’s taking while moving to a video podcast production format, crowd funding with Donatreons, Podcasting remotely versus in person, replacing a long time cohost, some unique podcast promotion ideas, the lack of industry support to hobby podcasters, pulling a “Merritt,” America’s Next Top Podcaster, and Planning for a 500th episode.

Jeremy’s Contact:

If you’d like to chat with SP about your podcast experience send him an e-mail: stargatepioneer@gonnageek.com

Better Podcasting Discord: http://www.betterpodcasting.com/discord Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/BetterPod

Links From The Show:
PC Pro Magazine March 2022: https://free magazines.top/pc-pro-issue-329-march-2022/
SP’s First Podcast: https://galacticwatercooler.com/2011/01/02/252-2010-wrap-up/
America’s Next Top Podcaster: https://www.americasnexttoppodcaster.com/project/jeremy/

Video Version:

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