Better Podcasting #280 – Evolving with Your Audience

Sometimes as you evolve your podcast it can be jarring for your listeners, but there are ways that you can help include them in the process to help make it a better experience. In this episode we discuss ways to help engage your audience as you go through changes in your podcast.

In this week’s Better Podcasting Download we discuss the recently announced Mackie DLZ Creator.

For the Better Podback we discuss further RCP2 hesitation, Hindenburg having more launch issues and we follow-up about PowerPress.

Finally, SP has an exciting announcement!

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. We usually stream live to Geeks.Live, on Wednesdays. Audio/Video Production by Stephen Jondrew of GonnaGeek Productions, proudly Canadian.

Better Podcasting Download: 

Better Podback:

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00:00 – Show Intro
01:14 – Start of the episode
02:00 – Change in recording/livestream time
04:15 – Recap of upcoming recording schedule
05:47 – Introduction to today’s sgement
06:44 – Reasons your podcast may change
09:30 – Showing appreciation for your audience
12:00 – Including your audience in the change of your podcast
20:45 – How gradual changes can help include your audience
23:48 – Maintaining some element of consistency for your audience
26:00 – Being patient with your audience
29:15 – Better Podcasting Download: Mackie DLZ Creator
40:35 – Better Podback: Hindenburg Release Issues
44:49 – Better Podback: Rodecaster Pro 2 Hesitation
51:55 – Better Podback: PowerPress
56:40 – Better Podback: Johnny Pennington’s SP Prediction
57:17 – SP’s Announcement
1:01:30 – Episode ending/outro


  • SP: Electro-Voice RE320
  • Stephen: Shure SM7B

Video Version:

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