This is a (mostly) un-edited posting of our live podcasting Q&A and podcast discussion that streams on Wednesdays. Topics this week include:

  • Introduction to our guest host, Damian the DM
  • Searching for a job while podcasting
  • SP’s weekly Apple Podcasts update
  • Damian moved website providers (and the work that was involved with this)
  • SP is trying different SM7B settings
  • Follow-up on SP’s Rodecaster Pro 2 issues
  • Dead podcast-related equipment
  • SP sold more gear
  • Rodecaster Pro 2 save safeguard
  • Stephen was right: Vegas 21
  • Descript acquired SquadCast
  • SP used the wrong microphone
  • Possible Windows update issue?
  • Working with different timezones

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 – Streamed Live to Geeks.Live.

Links as Discussed

  • None this week



00:00 – Intro/Opening
00:35 – Introduction to our guest cohost: Damian
03:10 – SP is searching for a job
04:15 – Job searches can interfere with podcasting
08:00 – Is SP moving?
12:40 – SP’s weekly Apple Podcasts update
17:30 – When Damian moved websites
22:55 – SP’s latest SM7B changes
24:00 – Headphones talk
25:38 – Rodecaster Pro 2 follow-up
26:56 – UPS failure
33:28 – SP sold more gear
39:05 – Rodcaster Pro 2 safeguard
41:00 – Stephen was right: Vegas 21
44:05 – Descript acquired SquadCast
48:40 – SP used the wrong microphone
52:30 – Possible Windows update issue?
55:00 – Ending/outro

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