Better Podcasting Live Chat #066 – Podcasting a Baby Shower

This is a (mostly) un-edited posting of our live podcasting Q&A and podcast discussion that streams on Wednesdays. Topics this week include:

  • Handling different core material on the same podcast
  • Common threads to make your podcast theme
  • Building a podcast brand across different (but similar) podcasts
  • SP has thoughts about the new Patreon app
  • Stephen went back to DaVinci resolve
  • DaVinci Resolve upgrade problems
  • Windows 10 vs Windows 11
  • Snap Captions
  • SP did a baby shower with podcast gear
  • Prime deals
  • Mystery Rode mic stand
  • Tips for choosing a podcast name

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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 – Streamed Live to

Links as Discussed



00:00 – Opening/Intro
01:19 – Finding common-threads to create a podcast theme
11:30 – SP’s first thoughts on the new Patreon app
23:00 – Stephen’s thought after going back to DaVinci Resolve
28:50 – DaVinci Resolve had a buggy upgrade
30:00 – Windows 10 End of Life
36:40 – TikTok fed Stephen DaVinci Resolve videos
37:30 – DaVinci Resolve caption generation plugin: Snap Captions
42:30 – SP used podcast gear for a baby shower
49:25 – Prime deals
53:40 – Mystery Rode mic stand
57:50 – 5 Tips for choosing a podcast name
1:02:00 – Ending/outro

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