Steve Barnes: Podcaster & Musician (Sweet Child Of Time) Consulting Session – BPCWSP039

SP from Better Podcasting connects with other hobby and passion podcasters to chat about podcasting. In this episode SP chats again with Musician and Podcaster Steve Barnes of the Sweet Child Of Time Podcast as he asks a serious question about the future of his show. These conversations are shared so that other podcasters can learn what may or may not work for them in the hobby podcasting space.

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⏱ Chapter Markers:
0:00 – SP Introduction And Announcements
0:40 – Thank you Eric Alton-Glenn Hilliard (Steele Watching)
1:00 – Join SP In A Future Episode
1:22 – Welcome Steve Barnes
2:29 – Maono HD300T Microphone
13:41 – New Holiday Podcast Gear
16:52 – AI Podcasting Tools
24:54 – Question: How To Diversify Content
53:04 – Multiple RSS Feed Podcast Media Hosts
55:45 – Audience Questions/Comments
1:09:20 – Where To Find Steve
1:11:52 – What’s Next On Better Podcasting

Maono HD300t –

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